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The boys' at the Jesuit preparatory school in south London contributed to the ideas for the liturgical themes represented in the window in the new chapel, built as part of a £3.6m refurbishment scheme. The abstract representation of Our Lady, through the use of swirls in rounded shapes, is combined with the red, yellow and green colours of the three school houses. Fire, Pentecost and ‘a new era for the people of God’ are reflected in the movement of the design, which also symbolises the energy and dynamism of the pupils whilst the twelve fruits of the Holy Spirit are represented in the window, created using hand applied colour and deep sandblasting.  Opaque at eye level to obscure the view behind, the colour becomes translucent at the top of the window in order to view the sky beyond. The chapel was dedicated by Bishop Nicholas Hudson in September 2016.  Architect: Phillips Tracey

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